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Microform Digitisation

The Image Cloud is a UK based company specialising in digitisation and digital imaging. We offer cost effective services to businesses, organisations, individuals, artists, libraries and archives. We also offer advice on photographic scanning and family history through our blog. Our services include slide and film scanning, negative scanning, photo scanning, glass plate digitisation, historic document and heritage digitisation, artwork canvas and watercolour scanning, microfiche and microfilm scanning, high volume bulk document scanning and shredding services, family history and professional genealogical advice, physical and digital archive consultation, archive collection and library digitisation.

Accessing Microform(microfilm and microfiche) is a time consuming and labour intensive process, not to mention the reliance on and maintenance of outdated and expensive microfilm readers.

Like all physical film, microform is prone to damage and long term degradation unless kept in a climate controlled environment. Any damage to a microform image can seriously affect what information can be seen when enlarged and viewed using a reader. Fiche can also be misplaced or incorrectly filed, leading to more time spent searching for the correct fiche.

Our scanning process retains the highest image quality and unlike physical media, digital image fidelity will not degrade due to physical use or environmental changes. Digitisation of microform allows your staff to be more efficient and give end users ease of access and increased searchability. With professional archivist and records managers at the helm we ensure the highest QA, digital preservation and compatibility with your current electronic records management system.

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Our specialised microform scanners can digitise all forms of microfilm including 16mm and 35mm, microfiche and aperture cards. Our stringent Q.A. checks ensure that quality standards are kept high and digital media can be exported to multiple file formats.

  • Microfiche, aperture cards, 16/35mm roll film, Jacket Film, 16mm Cartridge Film (ANSI & M-Type).

  • Scan in colour and greyscale.

  • Export to TIFF, PDF/A, JPEG or Searchable PDFs using Optical Character Recognition.

  • Scanning up to 600PPI resolution.

Not sure what type of microform you have? View our handy guide or contact us for more information.

More benefits of microfilm and microfiche digitisation:

Cost Effective & Time Efficient - Not having to train staff on microform equipment and not having to maintain that equipment will reduce costs in your organisation.

Ease of Access - Easy access for staff and end users and a large reduction in time spent by end users searching for specific documents and more than one person an access the same document at a time.

Increased Searchability - Images can be indexed and implemented easily into your electronic records management system, saving time and effort when looking for a specific document.

Easily Produce Backups & Copies - Digital files can be duplicated when necessary up to the cloud and be part of your disaster recovery backups.

Future Proofed - Reduces the need for outdated microfilm readers and also reduces the need for staff and end user training in order to use these devices.

Free Up Office Space - Utilise space previously taken up by microfilm libraries and readers or even reduce overheads by being able to move to a smaller premises.


Why Choose Us?

Preservation first

We believe the less handling the better, if there is another method of digitisation we could use for the collection that would reduce any risk of damage or contact with the collection(an example would be overhead scanning vs flatbed), we will always recommend best practices to help you make the right decisions.

Qualified Archive Professionals

Our staff have over 10+ years of experience in the industry, including working in archives and on specialised digitisation projects as Archivists. We view each project as if it were our own collection and treat it that way also. With our industry knowledge, we can help make sure your digitised collection is integrated with your current cataloging system and that all metadata is stored with the digital images. So you have peace of mind that your collection is in the right hands

Condition Checks & Q.A.

We always record conditions of items when delivered, during the digitisation process and after to give you peace of mind. Digitised files are checked at numerous stages by multiple people and equipment is calibrated before each batch is started. All of this is recorded for progress and accountability.

Cost Effective Services

As our mission states, we want everyone, from households and SMEs to charities and larger organisations to have access to high quality, cost effective scanning and digitisation services no matter what the budget. Whether an organisation needs a collection of 10000 items digitised for a preservation project or an individual has one transparency they want scanned to be able to share it with family members. Our services are designed to suit any budget.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

We pride ourselves on our customer service and are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to our services and digitisation, feel free to reach us through our social media, email and online contact form. If you are not sure what type of digitisation you need, we will help guide you through your options to make sure you have the right service for your budget.


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